Our mission

The YChamp app is a program that allows you to compete with users from all over the world, simply by overcoming daily distances in running + walking activity.

Winners can receive not only gaming, but also real rewards, because in the application there are competitions with a prize pool.

Thus, YChamp motivates you to constantly improve and increase your daily activity.

Meet and complete


Fill out the profile

At the first stage, you need to fill out a profile for the application to work correctly. The data that you share about yourself, and the results shown allow you to choose the ideal rivals for users. Also, users can invite friends to participate in competitions.

Meet and complete


Pick opponents

The data that you share about yourself, and the results shown allow you to choose the ideal rivals for users.

Meet and complete


Invite friends

Also, users can invite friends to participate in competitions.

Running + walking

Now in the YChamp application new activity is available: running + walking. So, users can combine them relying on their sports goal and capabilities. The distance covered is fixed automatically thanks to synchronization with Apple Health and Google Fit.


Start your first competition

In the YChamp application, three types of competitions are available.


Standard competitions

  • last from one to several days and pass in one stage.
  • complete your daily distance goal and win real money prizes




  • Championship provides pre-qualification: this stage allows you to divide the participants into groups depending on their abilities.
  • complete championship goals and win real money prizes



The marathon

  • The third type of competition is the marathon.
  • It ends at the moment when participants overcomes a given distance.

Each of the listed competitions can be paid and free. In the second case, the participates and sposorship contributions form a prize fund

Show what you are capable of: accept invitations to participate in competitions from friends or join yourself. Show the best results, become a champion and get rewards in the form of game trophies, as well as cash rewards.

Become a leader


YChamp is an application with which you can win and share your achievements daily. Your success is confirmed by the game rewards, their number depends on the daily activity.


Chats in competitions

Participants will have the opportunity to communicate in the group chat of each competition. This update will allow opponents to get acquainted, share their impressions and recharge their gambling mood.


New activities

In the future, new activities will be added. Participants will be able to compete in any of the disciplines and combine classes.


User ratings

For regular victories in competitions it will be possible not only to get game and real awards, but also to lead the list of leaders of the application. The higher the position is, the more people see your profile, which leads to gaining of the popularity


Data synchronization

Now for fixing the results of the application is synchronized with Apple Health & Google Fit. In the future, this list will be replenished with Garmin, Fitbit, Mi Fit and other gadgets and tracking applications.

Prize fund

YChamp competitions provide the opportunity to receive cash prizes for winning. There are two sources of remuneration:

- sponsorship;

- the contribution of participants.

To participate in a paid competition, users must deposit an equal amount, which will eventually become a part of the total prize pool. The amount may vary depending on the type of competition.

At the moment, the full list of prices for participation in paid competitions is as follows from  $ 0.99 at $ 39.99



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