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Our Mission

The YChamp app allows you to record your success in swimming, walking, running and cycling easily. You can share your results with friends and compare the indicators with other users.
Start your first competition and enjoy sports victories at YChamp!

Select activity and record results

Determine the type of activity that suits you and use the goal planner. Compare your results and track progress.

You can choose one of the offered activities: walking, running, swimming or cycling. If you wish, you can give preference to several sports. Record your results and get special trophies!

Meet and compete

YChamp unites like-minded people. Based on the information provided by users, the application selects for them a list of sports enthusiasts from around the world with similar abilities, which will become the perfect companions for competitions. Also, users can invite friends to participate in competitions.

Start your first competition!

Take part in competitions, improve your health and earn trophies.

Show what you are capable of: accept invitations to participate in competitions from friends or join yourself. Show best results, become a champion and get rewarded in the form of game trophies.


In the YChamp app everyone can get on the leaderboard. You can be rated in terms of speed or distance covered. All that is required is desire and activity.

Therefore, do not hesitate to accept invitations to participate in competitions from friends. Perhaps, you are the future champion.

Become a leader

YChamp is an application with which you can win daily.

Set goals in running and reach them. Become a leader in running and walking competitions. Share your achievements with friends and invite them to compete with you.

Key features

Easy to track activities

Get motivated by comparing current results with previous ones, and reach new hights. Analyze your progress and strive for more. You just need to fill out the profile and select the activity. The application will record the distance covered and show your progress.

Set goals and share it with friends

YChamp application allows you to find new friends and expand your network of contacts while taking part in competitions. Share your achievements and compete with your friends. Compare your results on the global community level and promote your profile.

Have competition anywhere and anytime

Take challenges and compete at any convenient time. You will find hundreds of sporting events depending on preference. In addition, the application will analyze the results shown and provide data on the probability of winning.

Reach your goals and get cash

Prove to yourself and others that you can do more. Set new goals, win competitions and give all the best. Efforts will help not only to improve their abilities and earn rewards applications that “pump” your account.

Premium Account

There are more interesting opportunities for owners of premium accounts. One of them is to take part in top competitions. In addition, having an account allows you to place a link to other resources in the profile block. Thus, the use of this feature contributes to the promotion of the profile, and also helps to advertise your events and projects.

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