YChamp competition rules

Please note, that Apple is not a sponsor of the services or competitions represented in the Application. No prizes are provided by Apple.

Types of competition

There are two types of competitions in YChamp: paid and unpaid competitions.
To participate in paid competitions, a user must buy in-app coins through payment systems provided in YChamp first. After this, the user may spend his/her coins to participate in paid competitions. Participation costs are determined solely by the YChamp team and are fixed for all users.

Participation in paid competitions allows users to compete between each other and obtain a prize fund in case of winning. The prize fund is fixed and determined by the YChamp team at the beginning of a competition as well.

Depending on the number of stages, users may participate in single competition, which consists only of one stage, and championship, which includes two or more stages. Each stage has certain tasks a user must complete to move to another stage.

Specific characteristics

Competitions may contain specific requirements for the participants. The requirements may be based on users’ gender, age, weight, height, time zone, country, city, number of participants, type of activity, and victory criterion.

Types of activities available for competition:

Victory criteria

The winner is determined based on a task represented in the competition. There are three types of tasks for each competition (stage):

Tasks must be started and completed in the same calendar day and will be officially counted after the deadlines of a competition. All runs must be tracked in one continuous session from start to finish.

A participant who completes the task in the shortest terms will be the winner of a competition. The other places in a competition are determined in the same way.

The participant’s performance in a competition is collected and processed from the Apple Health/Google Fit automatically.

Rule Variations

YChamp may make adjustments to the rules in competitions. Users will be able to see any rule variations before joining a competition.


In the case of paid competitions, Prize funds are deposited in winning places accounts as coins after a competition ends. Users may use coins in future games. After 12 months of inactivity, coins will expire.


Participants may receive a no-questions-asked refund until the competition starts, or within three days of purchase, whichever is later.

Age Requirement

Users must be at least 18 to participate in competition.

Prohibited Actions

Participants detected engaging in prohibited actions shall be ejected from YChamp at the sole discretion of the YChamp team. Ejected participants shall not be entitled to any refunds. The following actions are prohibited:

No participating in bad faith. No manipulating the game, including colluding, manipulating the results or otherwise interfering with the fair and natural course of the competition. No harassment of users. No embarrassment of users. No disclosing confidential information. No gaming the system by creating multiple accounts. No business, product, or self-promotion posts in the game

Health Notification

Participants are responsible for ensuring they are of an appropriate fitness level to participate in a competition. YChamp is not responsible nor liable for any injuries or damages participants may sustain as a result of participation in a competition.